Order: (+36-1) 4-444-444 Taxi4 Telenor telefonszám (+36-20) 4-444-444 Taxi4 Telekom telefonszám (+36-30) 2-444-444 Taxi4 Vodafone telefonszám (+36-70) 4-444-444

Order: (+36-1) 4-444-444 Taxi4 Telenor phone number (+36-1) 4-444-444 Taxi4 Telekom phone number (06-30) 2-444-444 Taxi4 Vodafone phone number (+36-1) 4-444-444

Introduction of Taxi 4

We started our business operations with great plans and with even bigger ambitions in the capital in March, 2003. Our aim, which has not changed since the beginnings, is to create a Hungarian, high quality taxi service based on state-of-the-art technology that can take passengers anywhere in Europe.

Our position on the Budapest taxi service market was strengthened, when in the first year of our operations, we took over two taxi service companies (EST taxi and EXPO taxi). The takeover of the drivers of the above mentioned companies and their VIP telephone numbers along with the continuously correct services that were provided for the contractual business partners and the private customers, made us possible to become highly popular within a short period of time among the private and business customers. Our company became a key player on the taxi service market regarding the capital as well as the vicinity.

The current taxi provider number of TAXI 4, which gradually increases with the increasing number of orders, is more than 450 people. With the current number, in case of daytime traffic, we can arrive at the required address within 5-15 minutes and provide our services for the customers regarding the capital and the cities in the vicinity.

For being able to provide services and fulfill orders in better quality and more punctually, we developed a multi-tier recruiting system and only employ taxi drivers and entrepreneurs with excellent knowledge of locale, positive characteristic features and foreign language knowledge. The infrastructure of our dispatcher center in Zugló is equipped with the latest devices, hardware and software.

In order to avoid late arrival to an address because of the occasional traffic chaos in Budapest, TAXI 4 maintains excellent cooperation with some of the significant taxi service companies in Budapest so that we could provide a fast and flawless service for our passengers. The partner companies, on the basis of mutuality, help us to be able to fulfill the orders of our passengers with a similarly favorable scale of charges and sophisticated service.

Our dispatchers and telephone operators have outstanding knowledge of locale and the majority of them speak foreign languages. We usually employ dispatchers and telephone operators with many years of practical taxi drivers’ experience and we also try to help them in their work with continuous trainings and courses that follow the demands of the customers and the changes of the market. The orders can be traced back from our computer database going back to years, the VHF transmissions are recorded so the possible debatable issues can be solved and investigated easily.

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