Order: (+36-1) 4-444-444 Taxi4 Telenor telefonszám (+36-20) 4-444-444 Taxi4 Telekom telefonszám (+36-30) 2-444-444 Taxi4 Vodafone telefonszám (+36-70) 4-444-444

Order: (+36-1) 4-444-444 Taxi4 Telenor phone number (+36-1) 4-444-444 Taxi4 Telekom phone number (06-30) 2-444-444 Taxi4 Vodafone phone number (+36-1) 4-444-444

Rent a driver

If, after drinking alcohol you feel you need a professional driver to whom you can entrust your vehicle with all confidence, all you need to do is order this service from our operator at the usual order number.

Charge for this service:

The fare is two times that of the usual taxi fare based on the completed distance.

We hope we can help!



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